Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wardrobe Wishlist 2009

If I had the dollar this year, for Spring/Summer I would snap up a wardrobe full of Alexander Wang...hardly an original choice, but I really do love the fella.

Autumn/Winter would have to be dedicated to Luella...

Whilst interning at Luella, I learnt that Bartley was looking to make this season a little more mature than previous collections and she's succeeded - with preppy shirts, cashmere's in every shape and colour, military jackets and detailing, playful but sophisticated party frocks and fabulous fur capes...not to mention her beautiful new Flower bag (launched alongside the new issue of Lula magazine during London Fashion week at an adorable tea party). But with her signature bows and rebellious touches, she still manages to stay true to the 'Luella girl'...J'adore.

Starry Eyed

When it comes to music, I mainly listen to chicks and Ellie Goulding is no exception.

Because I have no idea how to embed links or anything snazzy like that (tips please bloggers?), you will just have to go either here:

or here: check her out. And if you go to the second link, I'd scrape around that blog for Passion Pit's song Moth's Wings too, their new album Manners is magical!

Annette Messager

Yesterday I went to the Hayward to see 'The Messengers' a restrospective of Annette Messager, who's widely regarded as one of Europe’s most important contemporary artists.

Objects and materials from everyday life - including newspaper and stuffed toys, photographs, cloth, wool and embroidery - as well as large scale inflatables and lights, are transformed to create artworks that explore the fears and fantasies beneath the surface of daily life. Her works freely move between a coexistence of opposing ideas, such as humour and fear, pure and vicious, reality and imagination, human and animal, life and death - which seemed to give off the impression of a curious, fragile little girl.

[Inflated-Deflated, 2006]

Described as a 'wheezing, heaving mass of inflatable body parts and fanciful creatures' there was something strangely relaxing about watching oversized entrails inflating and deflating.

[My Vows, 1988-91]

[Remains II (Family (II), 2000]

'I like to tell stories... children's stories are monstrous,' Messager has said, much of her work over the last four decades is based on toys and childhood.

[Story of Dresses, 1990]

[Casino, 2005]

This final photo shows the installation that won Messager the prestigious Golden Lion award at the 2005 Venice Biennale and, in my opinion, it was by far the most unsettling and impressive piece at the exhibition.

Inspired by the episode in the story of Pinnochio where he is swallowed by a whale, Casino is a 'welcoming belly, a warm and friendly burial'. Aquatic shapes both descend from the ceiling and inflate and light up underneath a sea of red silk which is slowly and eerily pumped with air, emerging from a door and spilling out in front of you in waves, like a scene straight out of a David Lynch movie.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I pretty much want every single piece of this outfit, particularly those vintage YSL houndstooth trousers.

Look at more of her perfect wardrobe here:

Everybody's talking about...

Balmain. Still! And I'm not about to go against the fashion fold, particularly after attending the ASOS A/W 09 press day - they have the most impressive Balmainian (I'm hoping this will catch on?!) collection I've seen so far, with studded jackets and crop tops, luxurious harem pants, tight silver dresses and harsh pointed shoulders...take note, it hits the net in September.

[Balmain A/W 09]

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sepia Memories

Mum salvaged some amazing family albums after her recent trip back to Malaysia, why can't all photos look like this still?

[My grandparents on their wedding day.]

My mum's cooler than your mum.

[Mum back in 1974]

Hedi Slimane

His Coachella and Lohan shots are doing nothing to curb my lust for long hair!

Though he makes short hair look pretty cool too...


Saturday, 25 April 2009

If you haven't already...

You should really watch Buffalo '66, if only to ogle at Vincent Gallo (who's currently starring in the latest H&M campaigns) and a blonde Cristina Ricci.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Help I'm Alive

My friend Anika lead me to Metric's amazing new music video, shot by Deco Dawson. I've been playing their new album Fantasies on repeat for the past few weeks.

Oh how I wish I could steal the voicebox of Emily Haines...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Go to...

The Cream Review, a fifties night held monthly at The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club.

Fun music, dance class, tea, cakes, popcorn, bands, burlesque...and people watching. I plan to try out their sixties night Grind a Go Go next.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The New Romantics

[Nick Haymes for Teen Vogue]

Camilla Akrans

[Publication Unknown]