Monday, 31 August 2009

Matoi Yamamoto

Matoi Yamamoto uses salt to create large scale installations around Japan in his friends houses and galleries. It is his wish that the viewers may use his labyrinth installations as a tool for meditation and an opportunity to reach some final point in their own thoughts.

Let's hope he comes over to the UK soon, his work reminds me of Seizure by Roger Hiorns. Go to his website to see 'making of' videos which are equally as impressive as the final results and here to learn more about the meaning behind his installations.

[Thanks to BOOOOOOOM! for this]

Friday, 21 August 2009

Killer clothes and Fine cuisine

Fashion & Food, nom nom nom. Two of the greatest things in the world, yes? Fashion designer and culinary genious Luxirare is something else, like some kind of magician/scientist she meticulously produces, documents and labels her clothing and food as if she's conducting an experiment...

And yes, that is a potato in a box.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Complex Geometries

Complex Geometries, in my opinion, sits somewhere in between American Apparel and Margiela. I've been filling my wardrobe with basics in every shape and size lately, so this brand really stands out to me right now. Flip through the lookbooks here.

[By Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil]

Their collections fall in with what Ilaria Urbinati (Confederacy) explains to

How are shoppers buying differently now than a year ago?

'I used to sell cutesy, whimsical clothes really well, like little vintage-looking dresses in fun prints. Now you can’t give that stuff away. People want classic, edgy, and tough clothes. They want items they can wear for a long time and mix and match but still stand out and maybe look a little badass in'

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kristen Stewart

Hands up, I'm a Twilight fan. I wish I had lazy eyes like this...

[Kristen Stewart, Dazed and Confused, Sept 09]

Neon Gold Beat Company

Check out Neon Gold Beat Company's blog, I find myself enjoying pretty much every single song/remix they upload to this site and they have some gorgeous pictures every so often like the ones in this post (unsourced)...also watch the magical footage of William Dieterle and Max Reinhardt's 1935 beautiful silver screen adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream they've posted.

4th and Bleeker

Another girl crush of mine at the moment is blogger 4th and Bleeker....who is she?

L'allure en douce

I have suddenly become obsessed with Cicely Telman (look at the post before last to see more of her). I think it's her nonchalance that makes me swoon.

[Vogue Paris, August 2007, photographed by Max Farago]

Go here to see a behind the scenes video of this shoot.

Red Eyes and Tears

Alexander Wang's menswear preview!

There's not much to it...I'm keen to see the rest before making any kind of judgement, but the song playing in the background is the title of this blog and by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - I've been playing it on repeat since I first saw this video a couple of days ago.

La Chica de Rosa

Super jealous of her hair and make-up, these colours are feeding my thirst for Autumn...

[Citizen K Spain Issue,Winter 2007, photographed by David Dunan]

New York, I love you

Another cute indie film I must see by the makers of Paris J'taime, which I suggest you watch right now if you haven't already...

The song playing is 1901 by Phoenix.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Ok, could someone please tell me HOW this happened?

Gawked at here and originally found here

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I lifted this from Suzie Bubble's blog quicker than the speed of light (go take a peek at her musings), but I just had to show you it - a stunning fashion/documentary shoot in dedication to Michael Jackson by Petrovsky & Ramone...

Louder than sirens, louder than bells

Kate Bush style cape swishing & flailing, Beyonce popping & strutting... plus long legs, leather gloves by Dominic Jones, a Manish Arora mask and one of the best songs from her album (aside from Cosmic Love) - Florence's Drumming Song video is (unusually) polished and OTT, but I can't stop watching it.

[Tipped off here]


How cute are these Stella shots?!

[Sigrid Agren shot by Ryan McGinley]

“I’m a huge Bambi fan, and the film reminds me of my mum...we wanted to have some fun. The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi.” - Stella McCartney

Sunday, 2 August 2009


My Alphabet bag arrived!
(Excuse the muddy background, I took it to Field Day)