Saturday, 20 November 2010


I'm going to Work It tonight, my favourite place to dance in London. Time to celebrate, it's the end of a hard week and I'm off to Paris on Tuesday, this calls for a fix of retro Hip Hop and R'nb...YES. If only I had some vintage Versace to wear...

Dear Lou Doillon

...I love you.
Hugs and Besos,
Nicola x

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Your Song


Blissful Haze

I need that furry coat in my life, flo has one just like it from Zara (see below) in case you're interested in purchasing. Brrr it's cold out there.

Kate B

Kate Bosworth rocking the smart/casual thing to perfection as per.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Miss Moss

Kate and Johnny forever! Seriously though, that shot by Leibovitz is brilliant.

Come Around Sundown

...but then I listen to this:

check out the new Album:

WoAH, KenZO.

...reminds me of all the crazy colourful costumes I saw at the Diaghilev exhibition at the V&A yesterday, splendid.

A friend recently told me about this chick's blog...yes it's kinda emo, yes it's kind of gross but yes it's also kind of funny and yes it's kind of true. The films are good too and I admire how bravely she puts herself out there. I also like how she asks every guy their height when she grills them, it's something I would do, being a GIANT and all.

One for the GIRLS that might make you feel more/less crazy?
A Good Looking Grilling.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Grey Goose Character and Cocktails

I had an amazing time at the Grey Goose Character and Cocktails winter ball aka Elton John's annual AIDs Foundation fundraiser...A warehouse in Vauxhall was converted into a sci-fi Parisian quasar den with a touch of Britannia (the whole facade of the place was covered in a projection of Buckingham Palace). Wowza. It was all designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, I even got to speak to JPG himself, sure it was short, sweet and PR related but it COUNTS ok? Lazer beams, celebs, beautiful people, cute french music and waiters, performances by Elton John and Roisin Murphy...I could go on. But I'm boasting too much as it is, so here's a peek instead:

Soon I really will be in Paris...2 weeks and counting...I'm going to meet Shona who's living out there at the moment and then we're going on to Berlin for a few days, too excited!!

Next Year

I gotta be a corpse bride for Halloween.

OH my.