Sunday, 7 November 2010

Grey Goose Character and Cocktails

I had an amazing time at the Grey Goose Character and Cocktails winter ball aka Elton John's annual AIDs Foundation fundraiser...A warehouse in Vauxhall was converted into a sci-fi Parisian quasar den with a touch of Britannia (the whole facade of the place was covered in a projection of Buckingham Palace). Wowza. It was all designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, I even got to speak to JPG himself, sure it was short, sweet and PR related but it COUNTS ok? Lazer beams, celebs, beautiful people, cute french music and waiters, performances by Elton John and Roisin Murphy...I could go on. But I'm boasting too much as it is, so here's a peek instead:

Soon I really will be in Paris...2 weeks and counting...I'm going to meet Shona who's living out there at the moment and then we're going on to Berlin for a few days, too excited!!

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