Sunday, 13 June 2010

Michael Clark

I went to see the latest offering from my favourite choreographer Michael Clark - Come, Been and Gone - last night. Above is a clip from the final section! Every time I see his productions I come away feeling alive. He used to choreograph for bands like The Fall and uses music by bands like Wire, The Velvet Underground and Bowie. On top of the awesome music he always has fun costumes (or lack of in some cases), lighting, film and props that blow me away every time. Come, Been and Gone was a little slower than his usual productions (I think Oh My Goddess has been my favourite of his works so far) but I still enjoyed it, especially as it was at such a great venue, I had never been to the Barbican's theatre before, it's so 70s/space age.


  1. I totally saw this too :D Wasn't it awesome? On a slightly separate note we should get together soon =)

    Jax x

  2. It was brilliant! I'd love to see u soon hun x