Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Single Man

Last week I finally saw A Single Man. As predicted, I loved it.

Critics complained about how everything is too perfect - the expensive suits and crisply cut /beehived hair. But that was actually one of my favourite things about it!

The friend I went to see it with is an aspiring director and complained that the colour grading was too obvious...the colours switch between grey and orange tones showing Firth's lapse in and out of reality/depression. But again, this was another of my favourite features...

Perhaps I am just naive/easily pleased, but it was just so sumptuous to look at, as well as brilliantly acted. Based on a short story by Isherwood, the film charts Firth's final day, preparing himself for suicide following the death of his lover... but this darkness is cleverly balanced with humour and, of course, (if you haven't heard by now, the film was produced/directed by Tom Ford) apart from Nicholas Hoult's fluffy jumper...the fashion is flawless.

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